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The Stardust-Startup Factory Digital Assets Collection

ABEM Digital Creations is proud to host this digital assets collection for the Stardust-Startup Factory.  Here you’ll find not only the eBooks but also digital images, relevant links, and a blog space for providing comments and questions!

Inaugural stardust ebook series


The inaugural volume in the ABEM collection is an eBook Series-

Afghanistan: Lessons in Situational Awareness from a S.A.P. Deployed in the Civilian Surge
by L. J. Palmer-Moloney, PhD

I am one of the few US Government civil servants who deployed as part of the Department of Defense’s “Civilian Surge” in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Within this relatively small group, I am one of the few civilians deployed as an AFPAK Hand (serving as liaison between the military and the Afghans) and one of the few women in this Pentagon-based unit. It occurred to me that precious few Americans even know there is a civilian surge, and that fewer still know anything about the challenges and opportunities for the women in the cohort.

Access the eBook Series here!   Happy reading…


Continuing the Legacy

This work builds on the brilliant businesses created by Angus Moloney–ABEM Digital Creations, LLC and BoostShark.com.

Both ABEM Digital Creations – Digital Assets Library and the Afghanistan eBook series use the foundation pillars of ABEM Digital Creations–Business Strategy, Branding, Web Design, and Traffic Strategy–combined with the savvy of Boostshark’s product marketing paradigm.

All digital assets found in this collection support the Stardust-Startup Factory.  I am excited to share stories with you…and, as co-creator of The Stardust-Startup Factory, I thank you for making a contribution.

We are thrilled to support innovative and inventive emerging entrepreneurs, and we thank you for joining us in this effort.

Thank you for Getting Involved

The Stardust-Startup Factory Connection

“When there is no turning back, then we should concern ourselves only with the best way of going forward.

— Paulo Coelho

Angus, founder and president of ABEM Digital Creations, LLC, was an entrepreneur, explorer, inventive creator, great dancer, and lovable human being who could see the goodness in all around him.  He was determined to change the world, make it a better place, and energize people with fresh and positive ideas.  His infectious smile brightened every room and lifted the spirits of all those he met.  He was a lover of the outdoors and comfortable whether he was hiking in the mountains or swimming in the ocean, walking along a stream or through a forest, strolling through the countryside or down the National Mall in D.C.

Angus passed away on Saturday, 26 September 2015, as a result of injuries sustained in a fall when scrambling on a hike in Chautauqua Park, Boulder, Colorado.

To channel their energy and to move their intense feelings in a positive direction, Angus’s parents (Jean and Jim) and his girlfriend (Camille) determined that they would find a way to maintain and to grow Angus’s contribution to this world…

and the Stardust-Startup Factory was born.

Author: Jean

Hi! I'm the VP of ABEM Digital Creations, LLC, and since 27 September 2015 when ABEM founder and President Angus Moloney transitioned to a new dimension, I've been the acting CEO.

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